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Ben Friedman Toronto

Ben Friedman

Ben Friedman’s Canada network encompasses the Rykka Care Centers homes, Ben Friedman is also a managing partner of a real estate development company in Canada. Ranee Management Group owns properties in and around the Toronto metro area. Much like Rykka Care Centre, this business is family-owned and operated and has been for decades. The ethos that Ben Friedman shares are simple: top-notch properties at affordable prices. Not content with being better than the rest, he ensures that their properties continuously improve so that they remain some of the most impressive properties in the city. He is keen to embark on as many philanthropic projects as possible and believes that it is important for business leaders in his position to support their communities as frequently as they can. It’s this caring nature that has seen Ben Friedman and his team truly honour these long-standing traditions.

Mr. Friedman is engaged in several philanthropic projects for the local community, and serves on the board of many non-profit and educational institutions.